CMPP Woking

The Woking Community Matters Partnership Project (CMPP) is a collaboration of socially responsible businesses, working together to support the health and wellbeing of the Woking community through fundraising and social projects.

With more and more people looking to buy from responsible companies, and the modern workforce increasingly seeking meaningful employment, the business of business is no longer just about creating profit.

CMPP provides a hub for businesses to meet, network and collaborate for the good of the community. Becoming a partner of CMPP is a great way to give back whilst having the opportunity to meet with other local businesses and network in an informal way.

This Partnership is open to all businesses, organisations and networks, no matter how big or how small. If you’re interested in getting involved, please email us

Councillor Pengelly, of Woking Borough Council explains more about CMPP

Let's see what we can achieve by working together!