CMPP Woking

The Community Matters Partnership Project (CMPP) is an exciting, innovative business to community partnership project, run, driven and funded by local companies who want to support their community. 

CMPP Woking enables businesses to work together to support the health, happiness and wellbeing of local people. The project encourages companies of all sizes and natures to get responsible and get behind this idea. 

The project is administrated by Woking Borough Council on behalf of the Partners of the project. 

Over the next 10 years, CMPP Woking will aim to have a positive impact on local lives through the sharing of ideas, through fundraising efforts and by driving forward employee volunteering schemes.

We know that society is at the heart of business, one cannot succeed without the other. CMPP will act as the hub for businesses to meet and to collobrate for the greater good of the community. Come along and join us -the more companies we have the more we can do to make things better for all! 


Councillor Pengelly, of Woking Borough Council explains more about CMPP

Come on in............and let's see what we can achieve by working together!